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There is much to honor, respect, and to be thankful for in Indigenous Communities today. But for many of our people life is filled with poverty, heartache, pain and sadness. A seemingly endless combination of harmful factors produced by modern society often impedes the natural potential of Indigenous People and their communities to flourish, excel, and achieve fulfillment in their chosen personal and cultural context. As a result, a sense of hopelessness often manifests itself disproportionately within Indigenous Communities, and has caused a spiral of outcomes that are counter to the vision and legacy of our People.

However, we believe that this downward spiral of hopelessness can be replaced with hope. We will accomplish this by taking the universal concepts of cognitive and social science to the Indigenous Peoples of North and South America.

Through an interactive educational partnership, we will help empower Indigenous People to better recognize and more fully utilize their own unique innate abilities to choose growth, freedom and personal excellence for themselves and for the benefit of their families, communities, and nations.


Our partner in this initiative is the world renowned, Seattle-based, private educational corporation, The Pacific Institute®, who will supply us with educational content and curriculum. Over the past 45 years The Pacific Institute has helped individuals and organizations across the world, in over 68 countries and in 23 different languages, improve their performance and reach their full potential. The Indigenous Institute has licensed this intellectual property and it’s derivatives and will deliver this life-changing body of knowledge directly to Indigenous People.

The delivery of this education will Rekindle Hope and aspirations by “Igniting Meaningful and Lasting Growth within our People!”

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